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Already ancient cultures mystified and valued Topaz (Topas). The name derives from Τοpáziοn, name for a biblical archiepelago in the red sea where a strong yellow Gem was found. Topaz is a noble mineral found worldwide, famous location include Imperial Topaz from Mariana/Minas Gerais Brasil and blue and white and champaign Topaz from Padre Paraiso/Minas Gerais Brasil. In Gemstone-trade most blue Topaz is enhanced to take a color between sky- and london blue, depending on the intensity of cobalt- and heat treatment. We also trade natural blue topas as specimen, whereas our cut Blue Topas gemstones for jewelry are mostly enhanced.

11 products found in Topaz

Starborn Gemstone Window Pendant in Stainless Steel Genuine Imperial Topaz
  • €38,14

Starborn Natural Imperial Topaz Crystal (Medium)
  • €34,76

Starborn Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Topaz Accents in Sterling Silver
  • €59,00

Starborn Imperial Topaz Sterling Silver Spiral Cage Pendant
  • €68,96


Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Faceted Morganite And White Topaz Pave Pendant
  • €298,00
  • €242,14

Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Concave Cut Faceted Clear Quartz with White Topaz Pave Pendant
  • €198,00

Starborn Creations Antiqued Sterling Silver Fossil Ammonite Slice And White Topaz Pave Pendant
  • €148,00

Starborn Faceted Blue Topaz Sterling Silver Post Earrings
  • From €29,00

Starborn White Drusy Quartz Pendant in Sterling Silver Setting with White Topaz
  • €163,77


Starborn Imperial Topaz Crystal Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €86,76


Starborn Natural Imperial Topaz Crystal (Medium)
  • €32,15