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Chakra-Solar-Plexus is associated with the Number 10, stages of self-discovery, Braddha Rudra is the presiding deity and colors is yellow. Gemstones connected to the solar plexus can be Pyrite, Amber, Tiger's Eye, Rutilated Quarz, Citrine and Imperial Topaz.

The 7 Chakras depict various focal points in our body, relating them to colors, actions and matter. Relation of Chakras to Colors is an ancient belief and roots in Hindu culture. Connections of the chakras with gemstones, alchemy and astrology was added later in history and follows the holistic approach of eastern mythology and medicine.

Below you will find products related to the solar plexus chakra:

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Zipperrock Gempocket Artistic Stone Carving Display Rock with Zipper and Lining
  • €59,00
  • €42,55


Starborn Pyrite Inlaid Ammonite Pendant in Sterling Silver with Filigree Bale
  • From €138,00

Starborn Pyrite inlaid Ammonite Pendant with sterling silver filigree detail
  • €178,00

Starborn Rough Libyan Desert Glass Gemstone Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €118,00

Beta Quartz Crystal with Sunset coating 10-15mm
  • €12,00

Starborn Raw Petalite Crystal in Sterling Silver Spiral Cage Pendant
  • €79,00


Sumatra Blue Amber Rough Specimen min. 12g Topgrade, 1 Piece
  • €19,99
  • €14,99

Starborn Natural Heliodor Crystal 15-20cts, one Piece
  • €29,88

Starborn Genuine Super 7 Crystal, One Small Piece
  • €9,98

Starborn Laser Quartz Crystal – Small
  • €7,98

Starborn Rare Natural Crystal Wand - Loose Stone Medium
  • €12,98

Starborn Rare Natural Crystal Wand - Loose Stone Large
  • €19,98


Starborn Petalite Rough Loose Stone 40-60 Carat One Piece
  • €39,00
  • €29,67

Starborn Peaceful Mind Crystal Petalite 20-40cts
  • €17,76

Starborn Free-Form Medium Copper Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €49,00

Starborn Copper Nugget with Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
  • €29,00

Starborn Imperial Topaz Sterling Silver Spiral Cage Pendant
  • €68,96

Starborn Thomsonite Turtle Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €79,00