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Oceania contains a multitude of small Islands in Indonesia, Polinesia and the landmass of Australia. The Outbacks' huge plains are not only famous for the worlds largest gold nuggets but produce also a lot of good gem rough like opal and chrysoprase. Sumatra Indonesia became a new surprising source of gemstones recently with discovery of natural Blue Amber and several new finds as Thomsonite (Natrolite) and opalized  fossil woods. Several meteorite and tektite findings are knows from Oceania, that includes Javanite and the newest find of the Mani Gemstones: Agni Manitite.

Below you find gemstones with Origin Australia or Indo-Pacific Region, please see product details or send an inquiry for more exact localities of our featured stones.

4 products found in Oceania

Beta Quartz Crystal with Sunset coating 10-15mm
  • €12,00

Beta Quartz Crystal with Silver coating 10-15mm
  • €12,00


Sumatra Blue Amber Rough Specimen min. 12g Topgrade, 1 Piece
  • €19,99
  • €14,99


Starborn Pearl of Fire 20-30g Agni Mani natural Glass
  • €39,00
  • €29,89