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Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Black Fossilized Cosmopolitodus Capped Pendant Item Name (aka Title)
  • €118,00
  • €115,03


Starborn Agoudal Meteorite in 925 Sterling Silver Elegant Spiral Pendant
  • €79,39


Starborn Herkimer Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €59,00

Starborn Elite Shungite Pendant
  • €57,51


Starborn genuine Fossil Megalodon and Cosmopolitodus Bracelet in Sterling Silver
  • €290,49


Starborn Amethyst Crystal Point Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €89,00

Starborn Campo del Cielo Meteorite Moon Phase Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €138,00

Starborn Amethyst Tumbled Crystal Window Pendant in Stainless Steel
  • €29,00


Starborn Campo del Cielo Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver Spiral Cage Handmade
  • €79,00
  • €72,04



Fossil genuine black Sharktooth Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €89,00
  • €84,51

Starborn Gemstone Window Pendant in Stainless Steel Natural Spessartite Garnet
  • €38,14

Starborn Fossilized Ammonite in Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €128,00

Starborn Genuine Agoudal Meteorite Nugget Pendant with Sterling Silver Bale
  • €49,00

Starborn Turquoise Battle Axe Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €98,00

Starborn Turquoise from North America 12mm Sphere in Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant
  • €67,26


Starborn Sterling Silver Gibeon Meteorite Star Dust Pendant
  • €39,00

Starborn Sterling Silver Muonionalusta Meteorite Claw Pendant
  • €100,00

Starborn Sterling Silver Pendant with 10mm Turquoise Sphere
  • €49,00