Jewelry and Gemstone Products for Resellers

From millennial to sophisticate, your clientele needs to be awed. But with the influx of mass produced jewelry available to retail buyers at close to production cost these days, how will you keep your inventory exciting and your staff motivated?
Offering truly one-of-a-kind, quality gemstone jewelry is pivotal in order to thrive; after 23 years of innovative jewelry design, Starborn is still the forefront of inspiration and intrigue with unmatched selection and qualities of unique gemstones, crystals and fossils set in jewelry or available loose and in bulk.
Shop our extensive collection of on hand products to not only satisfy your current clientele, but also revitalize your offerings to drive sales and bring in new buyers.

Jewelry Design and Custom Production for Businesses

Looking to grow your brand? Starborn offers custom jewelry production for anything you can conceive. Whether you are looking for a production source to get started, or need to expand your own production capacity, Starborn has it all.
Have your own, ready designs? We can offer competitive pricing to produce your line with the expertise needed to create quality, handcrafted pieces.
Have an idea that you haven’t yet seen brought to life in production? Our expert design team can help refine your ideas and bring them to light as a finished product.

Custom Stone Sourcing and Cutting for Businesses

Need the newest and highest quality stones for you designs? Searching for classic stones with special cuts? Have a special request for rough stone?

Starborn is your direct source for hundreds of stone materials from rough to fine cut, fossils, specialty crystals and more.

Since 1996, we have been working closely with mines and factories alike to ensure ethical sourcing and business practices throughout each facet of our company. Over the years, Starborn has built a global network to directly access the best materials available in gemstones and fossils throughout. Let our hard work pay off for your business.

Please write us a detailed message with your production request including Business Credentials such as national Corporate Registration Number of your country or EU VAT Tax Registration Number. Each wholesale production requires personalised information and credentials to fulfil the project with mutual trust in each others capabilities so we have to write back and forth a few times anyway :)