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Danburite – A crystalline mineral similar to Topaz. Danburite is generally colorless, but can sometimes have a yellow, brown or even pink hue. Pink Danburites tend to be the most expensive of the different colors. Danburite is named for their first discovery in 1839 in Danbury, Connecticut. The deposits in Danbury are inaccessible today, leaving Mexico as the top source for Danburite crystals, though they can also be found in Japan, Russia and Madagascar.

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Starborn Natural Danburite Crystals Loose - L
  • €18,95

Starborn Natural Danburite Crystal Collectible (Small) One Piece Minimum 2.5 cm Long and 15 Carat
  • €11,07

Starborn Danburite Crystal Collectible (X-Large) One Piece Minimum 70 Carat
  • €31,17

Starborn Danburite Pendant, Sterling Silver
  • €69,00

Starborn Danburite Crystal Sterling Silver Spiral Cage Pendant
  • €79,00

Starborn Danburite Faceted Round 6mm Post Earrings in Sterling Silver
  • €47,76


Starborn Rare AAA Danburite Natural Shape Crystal 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €67,76


Starborn Aqua Aura Danburite Crystal Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver
  • €124,77


Starborn Danburite Crystal in Sterling Silver Spiral
  • €86,76