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The Beryll Family of noble minerals contains Aquamarine, Morganite, Goshenite, Heliodor and Emerald. The difference is merely the color of the gemstones due to a slight difference in mineral inclusions. Emerald for instance includes Chrome which gives it a unique color. Beryll is usually found in gem-bearing pegmatites and considered a valued jewel when found in gem quality. We source our Beryll primarily in  the Pegmatite fields of Minas Gerais/Brasil, but the mineral can be found in numerous locations worldwide.

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Starborn Rough 40-50 ct Morganite Gemstone Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €148,00

Starborn Rough Aquamarine Gemstone Pendant in Sterling Silver - medium
  • €89,00

Starborn Rough 10-20 cts Morganite Gemstone Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €89,00

Starborn Natural Heliodor Crystal 20-40cts, one Piece
  • €36,88

Starborn Natural Heliodor Crystal 15-20cts, one Piece
  • €29,88

Starborn Creations Emerald Crystal Post Style Earrings
  • €39,00

Starborn Creations Aquamarine Gemstone Post Style Earrings
  • €35,00

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Starborn Aquamarine Crystal Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
  • €79,00

Starborn Sterling Silver Aquamarine Gemstone Cage Style Pendant
  • €89,00


Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Faceted Morganite And White Topaz Pave Pendant
  • €298,00
  • €242,14

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Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Caged Aquamarine Rough Earrings
  • €89,00

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Starborn Sterling Silver rough Aquamarine Pendant
  • €69,00

Starborn Natural Heliodor Crystal 10-15ct
  • €20,30


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Starborn Creations Set of Five Gemstone Beryls: 100 carats of Genuine Emerald, Aquamarine, Morganite, Heliodor and Goshenite
  • €49,76