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Herkimer Diamond (Quartz Crystal) – The double terminated quartz crystals discovered around Herkimer County, New York are known as Herkimer Diamonds. These crystals are known for their extreme clarity but are also seen with inclusions; a rare water pocket inclusion and a common black carbon speckled pattern inclusion. The US Herkimer Diamonds are famous for their strong refractive shine which is met only by few other double-terminated quartzes in the world, such as stones from Himalaya and a few Brasilian findings.

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Starborn Herkimer Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €59,00

Starborn Micro Herkimer Diamond Sterling Silver Post Earrings
  • €25,00

Starborn Herkimer Diamond Spinner Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €79,00


Starborn Herkimer Quartz Teardrop Style Cage Pendant 925 Sterling Silver
  • €49,00
  • €47,14

Starborn Gemstone Window Pendant in Stainless Steel Genuine Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal
  • €38,14

Starborn Herkimer Diamond Pendant/Earring Set with 40,64 cm Sterling Silver Chain
  • €138,00


Starborn Herkimer crystal 10 carat natural pendant 4cm long 925 sterling silver
  • €98,00
  • €95,53

Starborn Herkimer Diamond Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant
  • €79,00

Starborn Sterling Silver natural Herkimer Diamond Quartz Pendant and Earrings with 16" Chain
  • €138,00

Starborn Herkimer Diamond 6 cts Quartz 925 Sterling Silver Caged Pendant
  • €59,94


Starborn Herkimer Quartz Crystal in Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings
  • €84,65


Starborn Herkimer Diamond in Sterling Silver Spiral Bracelet 7 Elements
  • €269,96


Starborn Herkimer Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Post Earrings
  • €38,01


Starborn Sterling Silver cage set natural Herkimer Diamond Quartz Earrings
  • €52,83


Starborn Herkimer Diamond Earrings in Sterling Silver
  • €57,51