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Elegantly twisted Gemstones: finished either in a 4- or 5- style wire, depending on the shape and kind of gemstone being set. The 4 wire setting would be preferable for a perfectly round shape such as a sphere. More edgy stones are generally set in a cage with 5 wires to secure the stone in the best possible way.

27 products found in Cage setting

Starborn Muonionalusta Meteorite Orbit Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €178,00


Starborn Genuine Moldavite in Sterling Silver Cage Pendant - 5 Wire Style
  • €94,73


Starborn Sterling Silver natural Herkimer Diamond Quartz Pendant and Earrings with 16" Chain
  • €138,00


Starborn Herkimer crystal 10 carat natural pendant 4cm long 925 sterling silver
  • €98,00
  • €95,53

Spirit Quartz Sphere Spiral Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €79,00

Starborn Elite Shungite Sphere Sterling Silver Spindle Torus Pendant
  • €49,96

Starborn Sterling Silver Pendant with 10mm Turquoise Sphere
  • €49,00

Starborn Herkimer Diamond Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant
  • €79,00

Starborn Muonionalusta Meteorite Ball in Hinged Sterling Silver Setting
  • €124,77


Starborn Turquoise from North America 12mm Sphere in Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant
  • €67,26


Starborn Tanzanite in Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant
  • €79,50


Starborn Herkimer Quartz Crystal in Sterling Silver Spiral Earrings
  • €84,65


Starborn Sterling Silver Muonionalusta Meteorite Ball Pendant
  • €137,23


Starborn Danburite Crystal in Sterling Silver Spiral
  • €86,76


Starborn Agoudal Meteorite in 925 Sterling Silver Elegant Spiral Pendant
  • €79,39


Starborn Spirit Quartz Drusy Pendant in Sterling Silver Cage Setting
  • €79,00

Starborn Imperial Topaz Sterling Silver Spiral Cage Pendant
  • €68,96

Starborn Sterling Silver Cage Set Meteorite Sphere Pendant
  • €118,00