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Brazil is one of our most important sources for gemstones and still surprises with new discoveries and constant supply of classical jewels. The Pegmatite formations across the center of Brazil through Minas Gerais and Bahia bear rich deposits of valuable minerals like Tourmalin, Beryll, Topas, Garnet and a huge variety of Quarzes. The southern part of Brazil bordering Uruguay is famous for Amethyst Geodes and sparkling Drusy.

Next to all of Brasil's mineralogical treasures, Uruguayan Amethyst, Peruvian blue Opal and Rhodochrosite from Argentina are other famous gemstones from Southamerica suitable for jewelry.

Below you find gemstones with Origin South America, see product details or send an inquiry for more exact localities of our featured stones.

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Starborn Genuine Super 7 Crystal, One Piece
  • €16,95

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Starborn Peruvian Blue Opal Medallion Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €138,00