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Gemstones have been valued in Europe for millenials and longest known gems include bohemian Garnet, Czech Moldavite, Baltic Amber and alpine Quarzes. Systematic Mineralogy and passion for collecting gems has a strong tradition in Europe and some of the trade fairs take place for over 100 years already. The gemtrade of Sainte Marie aux Mines near Strasbourg is such a fair with long standing tradition happening every June. The other unmissable event of gem trading in Europe is the Munichshow happening every October.

Below you find gemstones with Origin Europe, see product details or send an inquiry for more exact localities of our featured stones.

47 products found in Europe

Starborn Ammonite Pleuroceras found in Nuremberg with brass finish
  • €9,76

Starborn Genuine Rough Moldavite Small 3-7 Carat Stone, One Piece
  • €39,44

Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant
  • €59,84


Starborn Raw Moldavite 925 Sterling Silver 5-Point Star Pendant
  • €74,14


Rough Primalite Lot - 1-5g pieces
  • From €75,00

Starborn Genuine Rough Moldavite 15-20 Carat Stone, One Piece
  • €85,81


Starborn Creations Moldavite Rough Gemstone Post style earring
  • €92,45


Starborn Natural 7-12 carat Moldavite Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €97,96


Starborn Sterling Silver Natural Raw Moldavite Small Earrings
  • €98,00

Starborn Scythian Arrowhead Turquoise Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €98,00

Starborn Sterling Silver Muonionalusta Meteorite Claw Pendant
  • €100,00

Starborn Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain
  • €101,85


Starborn Creations Sterling Silver, Moldavite and Muonionalusta Meteorite Stellar Pendant
  • €101,94

Starborn Moldavite Sphere Sterling Silver Cage Pendant
  • €105,96


Starborn Moldavite Natural 10-15 carat Raw Healingstone 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €118,00
  • €114,63


Starborn Sterling Silver Cage Set Meteorite Sphere Pendant
  • €118,00

Starborn Natural Moldavite Pendant in Sterling Silver Cage
  • €119,50

Starborn Genuine Moldavite in Sterling Silver Cage Pendant - 5 Wire Style
  • €124,73