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Starborn is excited to introduce our new blue amber line. Amber has not been sought after or mined in Indonesia until now. Two major amber-producing areas in Indonesia are Kalimantan and Sumatra. It is the Sumatran amber that is the most unique. It is found in an unusual golden-yellow, brown and reddish hues, but also in olive green and navy blue. Blue amber is the rarest of all ambers, and before the Indonesian discovery, the only known locations were the Dominican Republic and small areas of Mexico. This Sumatran amber is estimated at 35 million years old. The blue reflections in this special amber are caused by natural sulfur inclusions and is extraordinary in that when you look at it (reflecting light), it appears blue, but when you look through it (at a light source), it displays reddish brown amber hues. Indonesian amber, in all its colors, often has spectacular inclusions that resemble golden or opalescent lights, making each piece singular and unique. Starborn Creations is offering this rare blue amber in sterling silver jewelry, loose gemstones and carved display specimens.

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Sumatra Blue Amber Rough Specimen 8-12g Topgrade, 1 Piece
  • €14,14