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To be a rockhound is a typical Northamerican hobby: passion for treasurehunting and easy access to public land make North America a reliable source for minerals, fossils and meteorites. The famous gem fair in Tucson/Arizona started as a trading market for mineral and turquoise miners of the Sonora region and is nowadays the global meeting point for the who-is-who in gem trading. Starborn participates since 1996 in this world class event.

Stones exclusively found in North America include Canadian Opalized Ammolite, Herkimer Diamonds, Danburites, Saffordites from Arizona and of course the North American Turquoise from Mexico or USA.

Below you find our gemstones with Origin North America, see product details or send an inquiry for more exact localities of our featured stones.

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Starborn Sterling Silver Stud Earrings with Copper Nuggets
  • €18,52


Ammolite Round Cabochons 9mm - 1 pair
  • €19,00

Starborn Authentic Saffordite (10-15 Carat) Gemstone
  • €21,42

Ammolite Round Cabochons 11mm - 1 pair
  • €25,00

Starborn Copper Nugget with Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
  • €29,00

Ammolite Pear Cabochon 15mm - 1 piece
  • €30,00

Starborn Danburite Crystal Collectible (Large) One Piece Minimum 70 Carat
  • €31,17

Ammolite Free-Form Cabochon 15mm - 1 piece
  • €35,00

Ammolite Pear Cabochon 20mm - 1 piece
  • €35,00

Ammonite with Ammolite Inlay Cabochons 18-19mm round
  • €35,00

Starborn Herkimer Diamond 925 Sterling Silver Post Earrings
  • €38,01


Ammolite Onion Cabochons 19mm - 1 pair
  • €40,00

Ammolite Oval Cabochon 20mm - 1 piece
  • €40,00

Ammolite Pear Faceted Stones 16mm - 1 pair
  • €40,00

Ammolite Triangular Cabochons 24mm - 1 pair
  • €40,00


Ammolite Free-Form Cabochon 25mm - 1 piece
  • €50,00
  • €46,80

Starborn Sterling Silver cage set natural small Herkimer Diamond Quartz Pendant
  • €47,76


Starborn Danburite Faceted Round 6mm Post Earrings in Sterling Silver
  • €47,76