Tourmaline can exist in all colors of the rainbow and is a relatively hard gemstone with a strong refractive index. Well known to the general public is black Tourmaline being famous for supposedly protecting against data radiation of mobile phones and screens. The color of Tourmaline depends strongly on the chemically embedded metal: chrome for instance is leading to a green Tourmaline whereas Pink Tourmaline has a high Lithium content. Tourmaline is found in many countries but a reliable source for gem quality grade gems is Brasil where the stone is primarily found in ancient Pegmatite layers.

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Starborn Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant in Sterling Silver
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Starborn Black Tourmaline Boho Pendant and Earring Set in Sterling Silver
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Starborn Chakra Gemstone Bottle 7 Healing Stones Amethyst Citrine Rose Quartz Tourmaline Blue Quartz Rock Crystal Carnelian
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Starborn Natural Rubellite Tourmaline Crystal 10-20 cts, one Piece
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