Cintamani refers to apparent tektites found in various locations worldwide, often in combination with ancient meteorite craters or strayfields, the most famous Cintamani Stone nowadays being the Saffordite from Arizona. It belongs to a family of rare natural glasses called pseudo-tectites including Agni Manitite from Oceania or Columbianite, Healdsburgites and Amerikanites. Originally the tradename Cintamani was used for Moldavite, a known tektite.

References to Cintamani (myth of a wish fulfilling jewel) can be found in Hindu and Buddhist culture. The equivalent to this in Western alchemy would be the Philosopher's Stone. It is said that it fell from heaven like a Pearl of Fire and ancient scripture depict several Mani Gemstones.

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Starborn Pearl of Fire 10-15g Cintamani Pseudotektite
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Starborn Authentic Saffordite (10-15 Carat) Gemstone
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Starborn Pearl of Fire 20-30g Cintamani Pseudotektite
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Starborn Authentic Saffordite (20-30 Carat) Gemstone
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Starborn Saffordite Pendant in Sterling Silver
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