A 925 Silver Cap on Top Creation can either be finished with a double-step or come as a regular simple capped piece of jewelry. The classical way to set natural elongated crystal formations is this setting (with the crystal  point facing downwards).

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Starborn Amethyst Crystal Point Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €89,00

Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Black Fossilized Cosmopolitodus Capped Pendant Item Name (aka Title)
  • €115,03



Starborn genuine Carcharhinus 925 Sterling Silver Earrings
  • €69,00
  • €59,26


Starborn Scythian Arrowhead Turquoise Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €98,00

Starborn Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €69,00

Starborn Hand Carved Pure Elemental Silica Skull Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • Von €98,00

Starborn Aqua Aura Quartz Crystal Point Sterling Silver Drop Earrings
  • €49,00

Starborn Black Tourmaline Boho Pendant and Earring Set in Sterling Silver
  • €158,00

Starborn Campo Del Cielo Meteorite Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €19,88

Fossil Giant "Great White" Tooth Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €148,00

Starborn Sterling Silver Gibeon Meteorite Star Dust Pendant
  • €39,00

Starborn Sterling Silver Muonionalusta Meteorite Claw Pendant
  • €100,00

Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Sikhote Alin Meteorite Nugget Earrings
  • €79,00

Starborn Meteorite Nugget Campo del Cielo 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €38,02


Starborn Rare AAA Danburite Natural Shape Crystal 925 Sterling Silver Pendant
  • €67,76


Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Hand Carved Quartz Crystal Skull Pendant
  • €95,05


Starborn Creations Sterling Silver Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant
  • €59,84


Starborn Fossil Mosasaurus Tooth Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • €47,76