The family of Spodumen has two famous members which are Kunzite and Hiddenite. Stones from this family are tenebrescent, that means they can reversibly change (or lose) color with impact of light/radiation. Kunzite is historically called the "Evening Stone" and best to be kept out of direct sunlight to keep the beautiful color for the longest time possible. Both Hiddenite and Kunzite have become very popular in the healing stone community recently. Due to their rare appearance in pegmatite rock and their unusual color, the stones are valuable collectables for rockhounds.

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Starborn Raw 5-10ct Hiddenite Pendant Made From Sterling Silver
  • €49,00


Starborn Hiddenite Crystal Pendant in Sterling Silver - 30-50ct stone
  • €98,00

Starborn Hiddenite Crystal Pendant in Sterling Silver
  • Von €59,00

Starborn Genuine Hiddenite Crystal, One Piece
  • €15,04