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Baltic Amber – Baltic Amber is fossilised tree sap found at the beaches of the baltic sea. It already served as adornment and payment method thousands of years ago before the pyramids were built. Originally it is the sap of european pine trees that fossilised 20-40 million years ago, some baltic Amber is even older than that. One of its contents, succinic acid is famous for soothing pain and a calming effect when amber is worn and micro-amounts of succinic acid are absorbed by the skin.

Our stock of Baltic Amber was unearthed several years ago and with time has naturally morphed into an orange, red or butterscotch coloring. This butterscotch coloring can also be artificially brought on with low heat oven over a period of about 30 days. Starborn offers designs utilizing natural Antique Baltic Amber, which was unearthed around the year 2000.